Vimla L. Patel
Training of Fellows and Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

McGill University

Marco Ramoni, Ph.D (1993-1994)

Malathi Sivaramakrishnan, Ph.D. (1991-1994)

David D. Kaufman, Ph.D. (1992-1996)

Margje Van De Wiel, Ph.D. (1996)

Jose Arocha, Ph.D. (1991-96)

Eugene J.F.M. Custers, Ph.D. (1997)

Andre Krushniruk, Ph.D. (1998-2000)

Columbia University

Tate Kubose, Ph.D. (2000-2002)

Mark Graham, Ph.D. (2002-2003)

Alla Kesselman, Ph.D (2001-2004)

Laura Slaughter, Ph.D. (2002-2004)

Columbia University/NewYork Psychiatric Institute

Cathryn Calanter, Ph.D. (2005-2008)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Guido Schauer, Ph.D. (2009-11)

Min Zhang, Ph.D. (2009-11)

Joanna Abraham, Ph.D (2009-11)

Velma Payne, Ph.D. (2010-11)

Research Fellows

Columbia University

Nicole A. Yoskowitz, BS (2007-2009)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Suchita Batwara, MD (2010-2011)

Sahiti Myneni, MSE (2009-2011)

Thomas G.Kannampaalil, MS (2009-2011)

Doctoral Students

McGill University

José Arocha, Ph.D. (1988-1991)
Clinical Case Similarity and Dignostic Reasoning in Medicine

Judith Leprohon, Ph.D. (1987-1991)
Nursing Clinical Decision Making in the Context of Telephone Interactions

Malathi Sivaramakrishnan, Ph.D. (1989-1991)
Reasoning About Causality and Treatment of Childhood Nutritional Deficiencies in Rural Inda - Role of Indigenous Knowledge and Practices

David Kaufman, Ph.D. (1989-1992)
Conceptual Understanding of Complex Biomedical Concepts: Cardiac Output and Its Regulation

Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi, M.D., Ph.D. (1990-1994) Reasoning About Therapeutic and Patient Management Plans in Respiratory Medicine

Reza Tavakoli, Ph.D. (1991-1993)
Knowledge, Attitudes, and the Understanding of Family Planning: The Urban Male Perspective in Iran

Rebecca Lam, Ph.D. (1992-1994)
Acupuncturists' Clinical Problem-Solving Strategies (co-supervision with T. Eisemon). Co-supervised with Thomas Eiseman, Department of Educational Psychology, McGill University

Ligia Salazar, Ph.D. (1993-1996)
The Management of Health Information by the Community in Colombia

Lambert Farand, M.D., Ph.D. (1992-1996)
Epistemic Articulation of Medical Knowledge and Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction<

Eliana Coelho, Ph.D. (1994-1997)
Réutilisation de méthode de résolution de problème dans les systèmes à base de connaissances. Co-supervised with Guy Lapalme, Dept. of Computer Science, Université de Montréal

André Kushniruk, Ph.D. (1992-1998)
Cognitive Models for Decision Support in Intensive Care

Kayla Cytryn, R.N., PhD (1995-2000)
Decision Making about Myocardial Infarct by Lay People

Leanna Zozula, Ph.D. (1995-2001)
Therapeutic Reasoning as a Function of Aging and Medical Expertise

Columbia University

Jan Horsky, MA, Ph.D. (2001-2005)
Cognitive Complexity of Computer-Assisted Clinical Ordering

Trevor Cohen, MD (2003-2007)
A cognitive blueprint of collaboration in context: Distributed Cognition in the Psychiatric Emergency Department

Arizona State University

Joanne Olsen (2007-2010) (School of Nursing)

Mithra Vankipuram (2007-2009)
Understanding Adaptive Behaviors in Complex Clinical Environments

Prabal Khanal (2011-14)
Design, Development and Evaluation of Collaborative Team Training Method in Virtual Environment for Time-critical Medical Procedures

Akshay Vankipuram (2015-)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Zhe (Eric) Li (2009-11) Completed Pre-doctoral

Masters Students

McGill University

Meeta Goel, M.A. (1982-1984)
Integrative Processes and Acquisition of Clinical Knowledge by Medical Students

Lenny Babins, M.A. (1983-1985)
Group Approaches with the Disoriented Elderly: Reality and Validation Therapies

Vivian Medley-Mark, M.A. (1985-1987)
The Relationship Between Premedical Background and Processing of Medical Information by Novices

Guy-Marie Joseph, M.A. (1985-1987)
The Time Course of Diagnostic Information Processing: Levels of Expertise and Problem Representation

Lynda Percival, M.Ed. (1986-1988)
Traditional and Modern Methods of Contraception Used by Women in Zimbabwe

Aldo Braccio, M.A. (1986-1988)
On-Line Analysis of Novice Problem Solving in Medicine

Stephen Chase, M.A. (1987-1989)
The Effect of Physician-Interaction on Patients' Understanding of Their Illnesses

David Kaufman, M.A. (1987-1989)
Representation and Utilization of Information during the Clinical Interview in Medicine

Dina Josif, M.A. (1990-1992)
Cognitive Assessment of a Certification Examination in Endocrinology.

Michael Leccisi, M.A. (1994-1996)
Decision-Making in the Real World Clinical Environment

Columbia University

Thomas White, MA (1998-2001)

Pallav Sharda, MBBS, MA (2001-2003)
Transition From Paper to Electronic Medical Records: Issues with Transfer of Narrative text

Roman Trakhtenberg, MA (2000-2003)
Computational Modeling of Cognitive Processes in Health

Jackie Hong, DDS, MA (2001-2003)
A Framework to Characterize the Acquisition of Expertise in Orthodontics

Sameer Malhotra, MBBS, MA (2003-2005)
Designing the design phase of critical care devices: a cognitive approach

Archana Laxmisan, MBBS, MA (2003-2005)
Decisions about critical events in device-related scenarios as a function of expertise

Bhanu Bahl, MBBS, MA (2003-2005)
Cognitive Evaluation of User Interface for Phase I Clinical trials

Daniel Karlin, BS, MA (2003-2005)
Socio-cultural and Organizational Aspects of Impatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Quality of Decision Making

Alla Keselman, Ph.D., MA (2004-2005)
Sex, Myths, and Adolescents' Conceptual Understanding of HIV

Forogh Hakimzhada, BA (2004-2006)
Infrastructural Problems and Technological Solutions for Dealing with HIV/AIDS in Under-developed Countries: Afghanistan as a Case Study.

Mary L. Little, RN, MSN (2012-15)
Overreliance and Under-reliance on Health Information Technology

Arizona State University

Harsh Damania (2015-2016) (School of Computing and Engineering)
Exploring the Use of Tablets for Emergency Room Documentation

Deepa Madathil, MS (2007-2009)

Pallavi Shetty,MA (2007-2009)

Sarah Ruth Martin, MS (2007-2009)

William Wilkinson, RN, DrPH, JD (2008-2010)

Alexander Dragotoniu, BS (2008-2010)

Xuan Feng (2007-2009)

Craig Cott (2012-15)
Biomedical Informatics

Wasif Bokhari (2014-15)
Computer Science

Joshua Frisby (2014-15)
Contextual Computing: Tracking Healthcare Providers in the Emergency Department via Bluetooth Beacons

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Elie Razzouk, BS, (2009-11)

Naveen Kommera, MD (2010-12)

Certificate Students

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Kathryn Carew (2009-2010)

Thesis Committees (Arizona State University)

Christopher Miller, MA Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Mithra Vankipuram, PhD Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Kavitha Mukund, MA Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Gazi Islam, PhD Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Prabal Khanal, PhD Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Aaron Ashby, PhD Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Craig Cott, MA Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics, 2014-2015
Joshua Frisby, MSc, Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 2015
Regina Ganies, MA, Graduate Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics, 2015-2016
Harsh Damania, MSc, Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 2015-2016

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